If you’ve gotten tired of all the major US carriers that are available and want to try something new this 2016, Boost Mobile is one of those other carriers that you might want to check out. They’ve also just announced their new, enhanced no-contract plans that will attempt to lure subscribers away from the usual Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T networks. This includes family plans, international roaming for Mexico, mobile hotspots, and unlimited music streaming.

If you have another family member that would also like to switch to Boost, then you can avail of their Family Plan where you can get two lines for $70 and it comes with unlimited talk, text and data plus 5GB of high-speed data per line. You can add more lines, with three for $90 and four for $100 every month. Boost also has a buy one get one free promo for those who will avail of the Family Plan at selected retail stores. If you travel to Mexico often, you can just add $5 to your plan and you will get unlimited talk and text to and from Mexico, as well as up to 8GB of data when you’re there.

Boost also offers other new deals to keep customers connected and get the best value in data. If you install the Boost Dealz app, not only do you get special deals, but you also get $5 credit for every month the app is active on your smartphone. The Boost Premier gets you 14 extra days after your payment is due and you can still receive incoming calls and texts 60 days after your due date. They also now have an Auto Reboost program where you get $5 off any of your current Boost Mobile plans if you enroll a debit or credit card that will automatically get charged every month as payment for your plan.

You also now earn extra high-speed data if you make your payments on time. Every 3rd on-time payment earns you 500MB so you can get up to 3GB after 18. After that, if you’re on the $35 plan, you get 5GB and if you’re on the $45 plan, 8GB of high-speed data. Mobile hotspot is also now included in your plan and will be charged to your high-speed allotment. But now you will also be able to stream music from Pandora, Slacker Radio, iHeartRadio, Samsung Milk Music and 8tracks without it being charged against your data.

SOURCE: Boost Mobile