Location, location, location. That is not just the rallying cry for new businesses anymore, but more and more develioers are realizing that it is also important to add features in their apps that take advantage of the users’ location. Email client Boomerang is the latest to join the trend as they add location-based features for pushing emails to your device.

The app, which supports both Gmail and Microsoft Exchange emails has added a function that lets your device snooze emails for later reading, when you’ve entered a particular location. So for example, an important email regarding your meeting with a client will be pushed to the top of your inbox when you’ve entered the company boardroom where you’ll be meeting with your colleagues regarding said client. Or a personal email from your mother will be snoozed until such time when you have entered your house or bedroom so that you can read it in private.

The update also brings you a widget that you can display on your homescreen and it will show you how many unread emails you have (which can be a good thing or a scary thing. The Inbox widget also lets you read through your unread emails without even having to open your Boomerang app.


Productivity app To-doist has also made a similar location-based reminder feature in its last update, wherein instead of a time reminder, you get a notification on your task when you enter specified locations. But having this feature on an email client is also much needed, so maybe you can give Boomerang a try. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

VIA: The Next Web