Listening to music while driving is one of the best things about being on the road. You get to belt out your favorite tunes or headbang through your go-to high energy songs, all while keeping your eyes firmly on the road and not getting distracted. But when you’re riding a bike or a motorcycle, it’s much trickier as you can’t wear earphones, but Bluetooth speakers aren’t meant for your kind of vehicle. BoomBottle+ from Scosche has been designed with that consideration in mind.

The upgraded version of the original BoomBottle wireless speaker (that was launched back in 2013) is designed to fit into a bike’s water bottle cage. There are no wires to inconvenience you and the buttons are also designed for easy use and not to distract you when you should be paying attention to the roads. You can just use them to adjust the volume and to change the tracks and you don’t need your smartphone to do that.

The battery is also improved with this new version with the 6,000 mAh giving you up to 15 hours of listening time. You can even charge your phone on it if you really need a quick juice fix. In terms of sound quality, this device has larger audio drivers than the previous model and it gives you 360 degree sound that can immerse you and yet not distract you at the same time. You can even toggle it between indoor and outdoor listening settings. And since you will most probably use this outdoors, the BoomBottle+ is water and dust resistant with its IP67 rating. It is also designed to float just in case it happens to fall in the water somewhere.

The BoomBottle+ is available in different colors, namely Sport Blue, Black/Gold, and Black/Space Gray. You can order it online for just $179.99 from the Scosche website.

VIA: Gizmag