Secure devices are interesting to us, especially after recent revelations of government interest in personal communications. Some, like the BlackPhone, are targeted at Consumers who want security to be the center of attention. Boeing has a device passing through the FCC, and it’s likely the most secure around — and probably not for consumers.

 The Boeing Black checks a lot off the spec wish list. It’s dual SIM, works on GSM or CDMA, and is LTE capable. Sadly, we won’t get much else form the FCC filing, as the confidentiality request was pretty broad. Boeing is requesting secrecy about who makes it, the internals, and we’re also unlikely to know when it’s being released. From the FCC filing:

Considered together, the physical, technical, and legal measures that Boeing has undertaken to ensure the confidentiality and security of the internal components, functions and descriptions of the Boeing Black phone justify treatment of the Block Diagram, Schematics, Internal Photos, Parts List/Tune Up Information, and the Purchase Agreement as permanently confidential under Sections 0.457(d) and 0.459 of the Commission’s rules. Permanent confidential treatment is further justified for these exhibits because any disclosure of the identified exhibits would facilitate efforts to defeat Boeing’s these hardware security measures, which would be counter to the underlying purpose of the product.

It’s likely a solution for government agencies to use, with the FCC filing reflective of a government RFP for handsets. It’s clear that this device is meant for use all over the world, and will likely work on just about any service available. Black ops, Black Phone? We may never know.

VIA: SlashGear