If you have a lot of apps and widgets installed in your smartphone, sometimes it takes you a few minutes to actually find and open the important stuff or what it is that you’re looking for. That is why launchers are pretty important and if you’re not convinced with the ones that are in the market, you might want to take a look at Celltick’s Start interface. If you have or are planning to buy a new Blu smartphone, they’ve got you covered as Start will now power the interface of their newest devices.

At the ongoing CES 2016, Blu is already showing off how Start works with their newest smartphones, the Vivo 5 and the Vivo XL models. According to Mariana Ferreira, Sr. Director of Business Development for BLU Products, they believe that having Start will actually “increase the appeal” of their new devices. Meanwhile, Ramgopal Vidyanand, VP Marketing & Business Development for Celltick says that they are excited to have partnered with a brand that is looking “to disrupt the North American device market”.

If you’re not familiar with what Start does, it actually gives you access to the important things that you need to get to on your device, even without opening an app or sometimes, even unlocking it. You can call, send messages, take photos and access and launch the apps that are pretty crucial to you, with just one single gesture. And without opening any of the apps, you will still be able to read and access things like your social media, sports apps, videos, entertainment, all without leaving your start screen.

If you want to see how Start looks with the Blu devices, check out the latter’s booth at CES 2016. But you can also install the app on your smartphone by downloading it from the Google Play Store for free.