When you’ve misplaced the remote control or your handkerchief or your wallet for the nth time, haven’t you ever wished you could ring it up or you have an app that could detect where it was? Well the advent of GPS and NFC and Bluetooth tags can actually make that possible (although putting a GPS on your handkerchiefs seem a little too extreme right?}. Blunt umbrellas have teamed up with tag marker company Tile to come up with an umbrella that you will not be able to lose (unless you misplace the tags as well).

Theoretically, you can attach any NFC marker to any object so that it will be easy to locate. But items that come with these built-in tags are really handy, particularly for something like umbrellas that are easily lost and misplaced. Blunt is one of the sturdier (living up to its name?) brands out there, but also means it is expensive so it is definitely painful to lose. With this brand new innovation from them, you will be able to locate the umbrella if it is paired with your Android device and as long as you are within 100 feet of your misplaced item.

They are offering two kinds of umbrellas with the Tile partnership. The Metro X_S + Tile is the more portable of the two, as you can easily fold it up and stick it in your bag. That is, if you remember to do so. But don’t worry, that’s what the Tile tag is for, if you easily forget to stow it in your bag. The other one is a regular-sized Blunt Classic + Tile which will of course not fit in your bag, but is also sometimes forgotten because of its size. But your worries may now be lessened with this partnership.

The Metro X_S + Tile will be available for a retail price of $69 while the Blunt Classic + Tile will be more expensive at $99. They will be available for shipping starting this November. Pre-orders can now be placed through the Blunt website.

VIA: SlashGear


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