We are tablet fans around here and we particularly like to see early pics and details about tablets that haven’t yet hit the market. Such is the case today with a single pic offered up by the Bluetooth SIG. the pic is of the ZTE Smart Tab V55 that is destined to hit Sprint at some point. The details on the tablet are very scarce right now.

What we know is the tablet is a CDMA unit and that it has Bluetooth inside. That is all the detail that is offered. It appears that the tablet has the Honeycomb interface. We still have no idea what it under the hood the than those two bits of detail. I don’t expect this to be a high-end tablet, but you never know.

Would this tablet interest you at all? We don’t know yet when the tablet is going to launch or what it will cost when it does launch. This tablet has been though the FCC in the past so presumably it will be ready for launch soon.

[via SlashGear]