Bluetooth SIG were one of the first innovators for point-to-point communication and control. The way you are able to not only send data over Bluetooth (audio, images, etc.) but also gain control (input devices, control devices), was truly a great innovation for mobile technology. Then came Bluetooth beacons for broadcasting data. And now, welcome Mesh Networking.

We all know Bluetooth technology because of the myriad ways it allows us to connect our devices, whether for data or control. Point-to-point connections have always been Bluetooth’s strength. About a year ago, they started creating Bluetooth beacons – a one-to-many connection that allows people to put up and broadcast information to a lot of people through Bluetooth Low Energy.

This year, Bluetooth is gunning for the home run – which is mesh networking. They envision multiple devices connected with each other and to each other at the same time via Bluetooth. Mesh networking will have practical applications in robotics, automation, and building a gang of sensor networks that communicate securely to each other.

“By adding support for mesh networking, the Bluetooth member community is continuing a long history of focused innovation to help new, up-and-coming markets flourish,” said Mark Powell, executive director for Bluetooth SIG, Inc. “In the same way the connected device market experienced rapid growth after the introduction of Bluetooth Low Energy, we believe Bluetooth mesh networking can play a vital role in helping early stage markets, such as building automation and wireless sensor networks, experience more rapid growth.”

VIA: Bluetooth SIG


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