The Bluetstacks Android app player is already a pretty cool little service: after its recent upgrade to Beta status, it can handle just about any Android app on a Windows PC. The beta can sync apps from your Android phone or tablet, or download them directly from third-party apps stores, but like Steve Austin, it can be so much more. Like any Android “device”, if you want to make it better, stronger, faster, then you’ve got to root that sucker. XDA member xRepinsSporx did just that, and he’s kindly showed the world how to follow suit. And yes, you can install the Google Play Store.

It’s a not a mod for the faint of heart:  you’ll need to be pretty familiar with the Windows registry and Android’s ADB program, for starters. Then you download some modified files from the forum post, modify your registry, push the SuperUser app to the correct location via ADB, and run a few checks. On the plus side, it’s not as if you can do any real damage here – if youi run into any trouble, uninstall Bluestacks, clear out any lingering files and download it again.

By comparison getting the Google Play Store onto an unmodified Bluestacks install is relatively simple. Download a file explorer, copy the Google Play Vending app files and a few others to the virtual drive in Bluestacks, and adjust a few of their permissions. Bingo, you’re ready to download 300,000+ apps without syncing anything at all. This seems like a great way to try out some new apps without clogging up your Android device – let us know if you’ve been able to do it successfully in the comments section.

[via Android Police]