In many states around the country making calls without using a hands-free device while driving is illegal. That means that for many people, a Bluetooth headset or other hands-free device is required. Back during CES 2013 a company called BlueAnt unveiled a new premium Bluetooth headset called the Q3.

This Bluetooth headset has a lot of interesting features, and has one that many Android users will really appreciate. The headset sports Google Voice Actions integration with a double tap of the command button. Using the Google Voice Actions integration users can dictate a text message and perform other tasks using their voice.

The headset also supports streaming Bluetooth audio for music, podcasts, or GPS directions. The device will announce the name of an incoming caller and you can answer or ignore the call from the headset. The Q3 also supports smartphone battery notifications.

If you have multiple wireless devices, the headset can be paired to two phones at the same time. The device promises up to seven hours of use on a single charge and up to 180 hours of standby time per charge. BlueAnt uses a number of different technologies for optimum audio including the ability to talk clearly in wind speeds of up to 22 mph. The headset is available right now for $99.

[via BlueAnt]