Blockbuster has officially released their latest Android app. This latest app is aimed at disc rental (as opposed to on-the-go streaming) and is available by way of the Google Play and Amazon app stores. The app is said to be aimed at making movie renting a more mobile experience.

That being said, the app will be compatible with devices running Gingerbread or later and is free (to download and to use). Blockbuster notes that this app will benefit those who have Blockbuster by Mail accounts as well as those who simply want to visit a local store and know that a specific title will be available upon arrival.

Some of the features of this new Blockbuster app include being able to search for movie and/or game titles. Those listings will return details such as the synopsis of the movie as well as a list of stars and available formats. Other goodies include being able to sort by title, actor or genre as well as being able to manage your queue including adding, removing and organizing. The app also has support for English and Spanish.

Some of the other perks include being able to manage your in-store membership, which means no more having to carry that rental card in your wallet. But perhaps key here, this new Blockbuster app will allow you to find the closest retail location as well as check for title availability in that (or other) locations.

[via SlashGear]