Today Samsung has landed a deal with Blockbuster and their On-Demand services, and will soon be offering full On-Demand access and streaming to Samsung smartphones and tablets. Not to mention their wide array or TV’s and another electronics. According to Smarthouse the service will hit devices in the US, UK, and parts of Europe during the next few months. Then head to Australia in the second half of 2012.

Samsung has just inked the deal with Blockbuster so many details are still unknown. With many streaming and media alternatives already available we are hopeful that Samsung will try and deliver something unique to add value to their products. No pricing or details are available at this time but we are expecting movie rental type services to be priced along the same lines of similar offerings. $1.99 movie rentals and more, but we’ll have additional details soon.

Another aspect is how Samsung will handle rentals and On-Demand media with multiple devices. We are assuming it will all be tied together with one Samsung Blockbuster account and users will be able to start and stop access and streaming from multiple devices. Start a movie in you living room, finish it on the subway with your mobile device. Verizon already offers Blockbuster services with their devices so we can look to that for an idea of what to expect from Samsung. Once they announce more details we’ll be sure to update.

[via SlashGear]