It’s no secret that Blockbuster has been in a lot of financial trouble lately. They have made a few changes to try and stay competitive. One of which is offering their services on mobile phone. The release of T-Mobile’s HD2 brought with it an app from Blockbuster that allows users to stream video right to their device. Blockbuster is now looking into expanding this to the Android platform.

It’s likely that this will be a free app that will charge you to stream or download the content right to your phone. Some could even be offered for free, I’m sure there will be free previews. If Blockbuster can pull this off soon, it will beat their main competition, NetFlix, to the point in the mobile phone market.

There’s’ currently an unofficial Netflix app in the Android Market that allows to do everything you can do on your computer except download and play movies to your phone. The blockbuster app will not only come directly from them but will include the same features as their online video delivery service as well as streaming video. This will be a welcome addition to Android and I hope it is brought to us as soon as possible.

[via cnn]