With the advent of wireless Bluetooth speakers, listening to music at a social gathering has become much easier, since you can create your own playlists and just connect your device to whatever speaker you’re using. If you’re into Ultimate Ears Boom speakers, then this latest update to the app will make your parties even more exciting (well, if you and your guests are open to all kind of music). The Block Party feature on the UE app allows multiple streaming sources for your various Boom devices.

Using the UE app, you just need to swipe left to bring up the page wherein you can invite other people to connect to the speakers. Only up to three at a time though, so pick wisely whose music playlist you want to listen to during your gathering. The initial connected phone is the host DJ and he/she will have the ability to disconnect a guest if his/her playlist starts becoming too annoying or repetitive. The host DJ can control all of the playbacks and switching among the three connected devices.

Meanwhile, the guest DJs don’t even need to have the UE app installed on their smartphones or tablets. All they have to do is pair their phone and the speakers through Bluetooth, and then wait for the invite from the host DJ. If they have the app, the pairing with the Megaboom, Boom 2, and UE Roll is almost instantaneous. If the host DJ suddenly leaves a room or even the house, the connected devices remain connected and will still play their music up to 5 minutes after the main device goes out of range.

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There are still room for improvements for the UE app with the Block Party feature, like a log of the songs that have been recently played or creating a shared playlist across all the connected devices. But this seems to be a promising start, if you like music socialization during gatherings.

VIA: SlashGear