We told you about the new expansion Blizzard was planning for its genre-defining card collection-slash-card battle game Hearthstone. It’s called the “The Grand Tournament” – a more festive approach to the Warcraft universe that the game revolves around. The new expansion is now live, and there are new deck cards to be had, and new strategies to be used.

The Warcraft universe has always been built on the tension between warring factions and the fight against a great evil. The Grand Tournament expansion “celebrates” the time when champions from all over the land were called on to show their skill so they can be chosen to fight against the Lich King. That danger is, of course, over – and the tournament is now done in a more festive tone. This reflects primarily on the incidentals of the game. The battle board, the graphics, and even the music is all festive.

This new expansion will also bring 132 new cards into the fray, in addition to the Classic Hearthstone cards and the Gnomes vs Goblins expansion. The battles will revolve around jousting, as in classic medieval tournaments. And your minions (creatures in your deck, not the yellow kind) will be ready to be as heroic as you with the new “Inspire” skill – every time you use your hero skill, some creatures will also be “inspired” to show off theirs.

If you pre-ordered the whole expansion pack, you will have spent a considerably smaller amount at USD$49.99. The Grand Tournament card packs will now be the same price as normal card packs in game – 100 gold pieces, or the same price in real money. Pick up the game at the download link below, if you are returning to Hearthstone or just haven’t played it yet. Get ready to be addicted.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: Blizzard