When you think of racing games, immediately what comes to mind are simple, high-energy games with bombastic graphics and sounds. But a new game for Android devices may just be one of the most unique arcade racing games we’ve seen in a while. It is minimalist in design and graphics. It may be extremely difficult (unless you’re one of those people who are really good at both geometry and physics). And it has shades of an endless runner game as well. Welcome to the world of Blitz Racer.

In the instructions to the game on the Google Play Store page, it only mentions 3 items in How to Play: tap left for 90 degree counterclockwise movement, tap right to rotate the other way, and most importantly, don’t die. Sounds simple enough yeah? But don’t be deceived by that and the minimalist look of the game. It is really difficult that you might feel like giving up at times, but should you be up for the challenge, then you’ll be “rewarded” at the end of the game.

There are six racing levels you can unlock by going through all the circuits that you can. You receive a star or stars for each that you finish, with the newer ones requiring you to have more stars in the bank. You also get only one life per game, so if you crash, you have to go back to the start. In order to get through the circuits, you need a lot of precise left-right or right-left movements in order to finish navigating through the gaps and obstacles. You can go faster by riding through the conveyor belts, but it also needs a bit of “drifting physics” especially when you turn immediately after leaving the belt.

If this is something you think will challenge your mobile gaming and digital racing skills, you may download Blitz Racer for free from the Google Play Store. But there are also some in-app purchases available so make sure you’ve disabled the automatic purchase option if you don’t want unwanted charges on your bill.