There used to be a time when home security surveillance will cost homeowners an arm, a leg, and maybe a kidney. Thanks to technology and innovative solutions, it will now just cost you your arm. Maybe even less. Blink is one of the leading brands when it comes to affordable home security systems and at this week’s CES they will be introducing new products and services, including an outdoor camera and previewing their upcoming new security systems and monthly service plans.

The inside of your house is already pretty secure, but what about the outside? The Blink XT is a weatherproof outdoor camera that has a two-year battery life and is probably the most affordable one in its range at just $119. It has infrared night vision so it can still detect movement even without lights and has 1080p full HD video, so no more of that grainy security camera footage we see on TV. It is now available for pre-order and will be showcased at in Las Vegas this week.

If you’re at CES, you will also get a preview of the new Blink Seecurity Products. You have the 4G Cellular Sync Module which lets you operate with our without the Internet. You can also get Entry Sensors so you can secure every window and door in the house, as well as a Siren at 105 decibels with both manual and motion-based triggering. The Keypad lets trusted people arm and disarm the system with a unique passcode. The Water Sensor will alert users if there’s any leaks or flooding that may damage your house.

The Blink Seecurity Kits allows you to choose which system will best fit your needs, with the Starter Seecurity Kit option for new customers at $399 while the Upgrade Seecurity Kit for existing customers will cost you $149. They will also soon be offering the Blink Monthly Service Plans which will give you value-added services. The $9.99 per month plan gives you the 4G Cellular Sync Module plus the Security Hardware Kit Support while the $19.99 per month gives you all of that and 24/7 third-party professional monitoring.