One of my favorite parts of Android has always been the widgets. Developers come up with all types of awesome widgets for our phones but today I’ve ran across one that just might be my new favorite. It’s called BlingBoard: Social Widget and it is exactly that. The ultimate social widget for Android bringing everything from Gmail, Twitter, missed calls and more into one easy to use and beautiful widget. Enjoy more details and hands-on video below.

BlingBoard is fairly new and has recently launched on the Google Play Store and if you love widgets, or want all your notifications in one easy centralized place and simple to use widget with multiple refresh intervals, reply options and more you’ll want to check this out. With BlingBoard you get missed calls, messages, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter all in one client. You can reply, call back, retweet or more with the touch of a button, and scroll through all your notifications with ease.

All of your social contacts and content in an all-in-one widget on a single home screen. You can set refresh times as well as manual refresh, and once you clear all the notifications for a particular item you’re greeted with a nice clock widget too. Everything works from contact and Twitter avatar pictures, links open into the browser and more. This is actually a very powerful and simple tool that I’d highly suggest you try out.

BlingBoard: Social Widget hands-on

It does have a few faults that hopefully will be addressed soon. As you saw from the video my Twitter only had 20 unread tweets, that list is more like 350. BlingBoard is currently limited to only the last 20 of each item – be it Facebook, Twitter, or Gmails. While this isn’t a huge deal and most probably wont want to scroll through 20 emails on the small widget, it does pose a limit on functionality. Also it appears to not support all apps. Handcent 3rd party SMS works fine with the widgets instant reply, but GoSMS doesn’t. TweetDeck doesn’t work with the instant tweet option either, only the stock Twitter client for Android.

So far I’m loving the simplicity, ease of use, and performance of the widget and if they could iron out a few things and support more 3rd party applications this will be awesome. Give it a try today and sound off in the comments if you like this social widget.

BlingBoard Widget Play Store Link — Thanks kofiko