Have you ever wished for a calendar that could show not just all your events, but all the different aspects of your life that could be calendared, like birthdays, bill payments, reminders, tasks, vacations, etc? Well if you didn’t know it yet, this app actually exists. Blend Calendar is probably the most intensive scheduling app out there and the latest update brings even more details into your smartphone.

Blend Calendar calls itself a “smart calendar and digital assistant” that manages all your daily activities and calendars it in a unique and customizable way. Aside from the usual events, you can also add several categories like birthdays, weather, bill payments, vacations, sports schedules, and even have a quote of the day. You can view it in different ways like have an overview of all events in one category or just view all your items in one day. You can also see your full calendar in day, week, and month views or you can choose to look at it in a card layout to view details in full.

The latest update to the app features a redesign of the Today page and the all-important tablet support initial release. It has also added World Times to its features, as well as detailed to-do lists and tasks, integrating it into your calendar as well.

Blend Calendar is still in beta mode, so expect a few kinks here and there. But if you want to give it a try, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store, with a few in-app purchases available.