The newest kid in the Android gaming world is less Angry Bird and more Picasso. Blek is one of the more unique games out there which really takes advantage of the touch-screen nature of the smartphones and tablets out there. You can watch the scribbles and patterns that you draw cooly come to life in simple animation that nevertheless captures your attention.

But it’s not just about drawing abstract lines and swirls. There is actually a point to the game. The object is to draw a pattern that will be repeated throughout the screen. Your reason for doing this is to hit the coloured balls that are also on the screen, but avoid the black holes. The genius is that there are no specific moves that you have to master in order to win the game, but you can be as imaginative and playful as you can. Each of the “puzzles” that you have to beat can be solved by different patterns that you have to think of.

The game has already worn several awards in European award-giving bodies, including Best Mobile Game in Casual Connect Europe and Content Award Vienna. It also received an Excellence in Innovation Award from the International Mobile Gaming Awards. It is very simply designed, minimalist in fact, but the moment you start playing with it, it becomes your personal work of art. More than a game of skill, this is more of a game for the imagination.

The game used to be available for iOS only, but now it has come to the Android platform. You can download Blek from the Google Play Store.