If you have wondered what’s faster for web surfing, an and or device of the iPhone 4 Blaze Software has found the answer. According to the field tests that Blaze ran the Android device is 50% faster than the iPhone 4 when it comes to page loading.

The page load times were about a second apart and it wasn’t a few tests run either, the testing included 45,000 load tests. The test on Android was run on a Nexus S smartphone on Android 2.3 using chrome. The median load time was 2.144 seconds. The iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3 using Safari had media load time of 3.254 seconds.

The test used Fortune 1000 websites repeatedly using both WiFi and 3G connectivity. The Android device was faster on 84% of the sites the company tested on. The study said, “Android wasn’t just faster overall, but rather provided a faster browsing experience four times out of five.”

[via ComputerWorld]