Are you a BBM user? If you are, an incoming update might just make you smile. According to Blackberry, they’re making some important updates to BBM, offering larger file sharing and new features for group chats. Though still not a world-beating messaging service, these tweaks bring BBM closer to their peers when it comes to being a fully functioning messaging app.

BBM users will soon ahve the ability to share photos in a multi-person chat. This has been a function we’d long wondered about, and Blackberry says it’s one of their most requested features. The file size for sharing is also being bumped from 6MB to 16MB. That should help when you’re sending big pictures, or want to attach an Instagram-sized video.

If you like your emoticons, Blackberry promises the update will make those bigger, too. Though they didn’t detail just how much bigger emoticons would or wouldn’t be, they are bumping the size. That will make older eyes happy.

There is also no timetable for release of this update, but we anticipate it coming pretty soon. An announcement is usually a precursor to rollout shortly thereafter, but with Blackberry, you never know. They had issues releasing the app proper, pulling it from the Play Store shortly after release. While these are needed tweaks for BBM, they still don’t bring the messaging service quite up to par with the likes of Google’s Hangouts. Incoming BBM features have long been a staple of Google’s messaging platform.

Source: Blackberry
Via: Engadget