It looks like we once again have some Android and BlackBerry crossover. We know that BlackBerry 10 users are able to sideload Android apps and we have also seen chatter about select BlackBerry apps coming to Android. This latest is dealing the the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) market and will be managed through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. The solution they are discussing is called Secure Work Space.

This app will be available for Android devices, as well as for iOS devices. While BlackBerry has yet to reveal every detail about Secure Work Space, they have said that it will bring a solution that will allow users to “separate and secure work and personal data on mobile devices.” Basically, it sounds like we are talking about an alternative solution to Samsung SAFE.

While both are probably good options for your IT department to consider, we suspect some may be looking towards BlackBerry based on the name alone. Perhaps key here though, the Secure Work Space solution will bring what is being referred to as “secured client applications.” These apps will include everything from email, contacts and calendar to tasks, memos, secure browsing and document editing.

As of now it looks like BlackBerry Secure Work Space is being tested in a closed beta. Looking forward though, plans are to have this solution available for general release by the end of Q2 2013. Finally, while the details are on the limited side now, additional details will be provided during the BlackBerry Live conference which takes place in May.

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