BlackBerry has no problem in releasing Android-powered phones because the Canadian smartphone pioneer has the best partners in the industry. It has TCL to thank, as well as, BB Merah Putih, and Optiemus. BlackBerry has outsourced manufacturing to these companies so it can focus more on development, software, mobile security, and customer support. This week, BlackBerry has got a new partner in BLU Products as the two signed a patent licensing deal.

Well, it’s not exactly an official partnership as BlackBerry previously filed a couple of lawsuits against BLU last year. This deal finally ends the patent issue that would bring revenue to BlackBerry from its numerous technology patents. There is no mention though of the financial terms of that agreement but we are guessing we’re talking a lot of money here.

BLU Products paid BlackBerry an undisclosed amount. We’re not sure if the amount is already included in earnings of the company for the quarter. If yes, definitely BlackBerry’s revenue will receive a boost. Licensing deals are usually done before a new product is launched but sometimes, it happens when a lawsuit is filed against one company by another. Aside from BLU, BlackBerry is also going after Nokia and Avaya.

VIA: Reuters