BlackBerry Priv Mobile Security

It has been a while since BlackBerry released an update for the PRIV. We’ve been hearing more about the BlackBerry KEYOne but that doesn’t mean the Canadian smartphone pioneer has forgotten about the other model. The Priv is one of the most secure phones today, thanks to the company’s very own security software that protects the system from outside elements.

Mobile security is no problem with BlackBerry. The brand has actually proven that software update can be released on a regular basis. BlackBerry actually rolls out minor updates almost every month, telling us there is no big reason why other OEMs should not release one at least every two to three months. It’s not that complicated for BlackBerry but we all know it’s not really that easy for most companies and mobile carriers. If you want a regularly updated software, you may consider BlackBerry so you will have peace of mind when it comes to privacy and security always.

How does BlackBerry exactly make it possible? For one, security keys are already part of manufacturing to ensure only genuine hardware is used. There is what they call a secure boot technology to make sure no malware can be loaded. This also ensures the system can’t be downgraded.

A secure environment is the main goal of BlackBerry and such is possible. Some modifications are done by the BlackBerry team to Android, promising durable security all the time. As for BlackBerry, it has teamed up with Qualcomm and Google to deliver regular and timely updates for two-years.

The PRIV’s two-year warranty has passed which means it is already outside the warranty. Loyal users will still be supported but with some limits. Security is expected safe and secure because of its native security features. If in the future, a security threat or vulnerability happens, the BlackBerry team will engage other capable partners.

If you’re interested to get a BlackBerry Android-powered and see for yourself how it works, you can wait for the trade-up program for current BlackBerry customers. It’s still unannounced but BlackBerry will confirm the details soon.

SOURCE: BlackBerry