Most of you who want the BlackBerry Priv must have gotten your hands on one by now, as it is available now in a lot of online stores like AT&T, BlackBerry’s own online store, and pretty soon via Verizon. The BlackBerry Priv hypes its physical slide-out keyboard, something that the company has been proud of since time immemorial. In their defense, BlackBerry keyboards are very pleasant to use – and this might be the reasons why you might have gotten one.

The problem with the BlackBerry Priv stems from the fact that it is pretty expensive, and that if you drop it and damage something – like the physical keypad or the display – you might be thinking you’re screwed, because it looks like it will be very difficult to repair. One YouTube device reviewer proves this notion wrong, at least when you’re worried about breaking the display.


YouTube reviewer JerryRigsEverything became relatively famous when he exposed what he said was a design failure in the Huawei-made Google Nexus 6P, saying that the design made the phone easy to bend and destroy. Most people weren’t willing to believe him, so he stuck with his story and did the test again. Now he’s saying that BlackBerry Priv users need not worry having to replace the expensive phone’s LCD screen when broken, because the screen – after applying heat to soften the adhesive – just pops out easily. See video below.

The screen can be removed in under 5 minutes, and replaced with a new unit without ever going into the back of the phone, through the mainboard and the battery. This should be a relief for Priv owners.

VIA: PhAndroid