Blackberry continues its downward spiral. CNET has confirmed that more top level executives have left the Waterloo, CA based company. This time, Rick Costanzo and Chris Wormald are vacating their posts. The two were Vice President for Global Sales and Vice President for Strategic Alliances, respectively.

This comes just after their COO and CMO decided to leave the company, and CFO Brian Bidulka also planning to step down at the end of the fiscal year. Of course, this is all ripple effects from the ousting of CEO Thorsten Heins, who has been replaced — for now — with John Chen. In addition to his role as CEO, Chen acts as the Chairman of the board at Blackberry.

Chen is also against moving to Android, calling such a move “inappropriate” at this time. The company also recently called off a buyout from their largest shareholder, instead opting to take an influx of capital and go for broke — maybe literally. Their current market share is teetering on the abyss, and brands like T-Mobile have begun removing their handsets from stores.

Management leaving, and 40% of the workforce being laid off. We’re not sure what Blackberry has in mind to stay in business, but the trends we’re seeing don’t bode well for a comeback of any sort. If they intend to simply become a holder of IP and license it as such, we can see that working. Top-tier management, however, do not simply leave on a whim.