BlackBerry is getting busy again prepping for its next Android device. After the much talked about KEYOne, we can expect the BlackBery Krypton to be announced in the market soon. This Krypton is said to have been sighted online receiving WiFi certification. This was after the Bluetooth certification from last month.

It seems the smartphone is arriving very soon as a BlackBerry device, known this early as Krypton, has just been sighted on the FCC. The phone received another certification which means the launch is near.

TCL will still be manufacturing the Android phone. Unlike the KEYOne that came with the classic physical keyboard, this Krypton is said to be an all touchscreen model. There is no information on the screen size but the resolution will be FHD–that’s 1080 x 1920. The phone may be powered by 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 625 processor, and a 4000mAh battery. There will be a fingerprint scanner embedded on the home button found at the front. It’s not onscreen yet but the scanner is embedded already on the button.

This one is listed with an IP67 rating so this can survive being dropped underwater up to 30 minutes and up to 3.2 meters deep. This also means you can bring the phone with you by the pool or the beach and not worry if some water splash will damage it.

We don’t know yet how this Krypton will be called but others are saying it is part of the DTEK line as a follow-up to the DTEK50 and DTEK60. Following that naming convention, there is a possibility it will be called at the DTEK70.

The Krypton is listed with BlackBerry model BBD100-2 but other variables have also been sighted: BBD100-1, BBD100-3, and BBD100-6.

VIA: CrackBerry