BlackBerry is still alive and kicking. Yup, we believe the Canadian phone maker can still survive in the coming years as long as it continues to come up with products that are powerful, fast, secure, and still affordable. We know you can’t have it all on one phone but BlackBerry has been making an impression by combining the classic idea of a physical keyboard on a smartphone that runs on Android for those who prefer such.

There’s TCL and other manufacturers to thank for making BlackBerry’s vision become a reality. And after the KEYOne, we believe more models will be introduced next year. To celebrate the fact that it’s surviving, and of course, because of the holidays, BlackBerry is offering the KEYOne with a big discount.

At this point, we have no idea how many people have supported the KEYOne by buying a unit but the $549 price will be slashed off down to only $449. That’s a significant hundred dollar price cut and we have a feeling BlackBerry and TCL will sell more this season than expected.

You can now buy the discounted BlackBerry KEYOne on either Best Buy or Amazon. The mid-range smartphone is available unlocked and ready for most CDMA and GSM network. This means you can choose any carrier especially if you live in the United States. The promo will end on Sunday, Christmas Eve on December 24 at 11:29 PM (CST).

VIA: SlashGear