For those who are still loyal (or at least using it along with other apps) to Blackberry’s BBM, then you probably have been using their video calling feature. Or at least if you live in North America, Latin America, and the Middle East, as those are the only territories that lets you make video calls through the messaging app. But their latest announcement is that they are also now including countries in Europe and Africa, adding 109 more countries that will be able to use BBM video to get in touch with loved ones or colleagues.

While BBM is mostly used for chatting of course, there are times when you might be too lazy to type out all you need to say and so a face-to-face conversation is needed. Well, the next best thing would be video calling, and so apps that offer this have a special place in users’ hearts. North American users were the first to receive to receive this feature, and it has then slowly rolled out to other regions.

Blackberry has explained that the limited availability of the feature is due to the fact that they want to be able to monitor its performance across various platforms and territories, and also gather feedback from users, as it is still in the beta phase. They also want to “iron out any kinks” first before doing a final, worldwide release. But at least now, those in Europe and Africa will be able to join the BBM Video party.

No need to update your app, it should just automatically be available there, so try and video call someone, if you’re in any of those markets where it is available.

VIA: Crackberry