BlackBerry 5G Android Keyboard Phone

BlackBerry is back! Well, not yet but it will be soon. The company that was known as the smartphone pioneer is entering the mobile arena once again with a new Android device. After the BlackBerry KEY2, the BlackBerry 5G phone will be introduced. This is good news after the brand’s partnership with TCL has ended. BlackBerry now has OnwardMobility as a new partner. The latter actually just licensed the BlackBerry name but it’s as good as a brand-new home for the company.

OnwardMobility is working on a BlackBerry phone. It will be special with its 5G connectivity. There aren’t many 5G devices available in the market yet so BlackBerry still has a chance to make a difference. BlackBerry can still probably capture the enterprise market as it is a name known for reliable communications, data, and privacy.

Adding 5G to the mix may work. The previous BlackBerry Android phones didn’t actually sell but there is always room for improvement. Privacy and security are always a problem but BlackBerry is known for its “secure mobile device solutions”.

OnwardMobility CEO Peter Franklin noted the desire of enterprise professionals for secure 5G devices. This 5G connectivity offers security and helps in productivity. OnwardMobility can look forward to offering next-generation 5G devices to more markets.

Just like the last BlackBerry phone we know, this one comes with a physical keyboard. It will still run on Android with a suite of security software, encrypted document storage, and secure workflow management.

Foxconn’s subsidiary, FIH Mobile, will design and build the 5G smartphone. It will work on whatever OnwardMobility has planned and developed. It will be one secure 5G phone as OnwardMobility has promised the phone will be manufactured “under strict guidelines to ensure component, device and supply chain integrity”.

The BlackBerry 5G phone won’t be out until 2021. We like the idea of 5G connectivity on a smartphone but not many countries have 5G networks. The physical keyboard may still be preferred by some people but right now, we can only think of those hardcore BlackBerry fans. It can probably be considered not only for its novelty of being “BlackBerry” but also for the 5G support and the promise of privacy and security.