Long-time Windows users are sadly familiar with the phenomenon of the “blue screen of death” which signaled the death of any project you’re working on that you weren’t able to save. While it is vastly different in concept and isn’t the opposite at all, a new Android app is called the Black Screen of Life got its name from that, in case you were confused. But what BSoL does is to save your smartphone some battery life while letting you enjoy the audio of videos you’re “watching”.

Okay, so watching isn’t really the right term. The point is, you want to listen to the audio of the music video, but you want to save your device’s battery. But when you lock your screen, of course the video will stop playing. That’s where BSoL comes in. You will still be able to hear your video’s sound even when your screen is black and locked. Hence, it gives your phone more life. Get it? Yeah, a little obvious, but hey, it gets the job done yes?

And it doesn’t take a genius to run it. All you need to do is install and enable BSoL. Then run the app that you want to play the music video (or just a video, if the dialogue is all you want to hear). The only catch is you need to block your device’s proximity sensor by putting it on your pocket, placing it face down, or even placing a piece of paper on top of the sensor. The reason is that your screen automatically turns on when the sensor is unblocked.

The developer is a little too apologetic when it comes to the lack of any design aesthetic for the app. But it will mostly be running in the background, it doesn’t really need that great a design or UI. You can download the Black Screen of Life from the Google Play Store for free.