Samsung’s Bixby is getting an update. We’re certain of that and we can’t actually wait to see what Bixby 2.0 will be all about. It may get rid of the “Hi Bixby” hot word for every command and we may get to try it on the Galaxy Note 9. There’s also the Bixby speaker getting delayed to 2H of 2018. We’re not exactly sure why but the ability to easily track calories is being tested out. Bixby 2.0 isn’t ready but at least we know it’s coming. It’s not dead yet despite the not so positive reception.

The South Korean tech giant is serious about its artificial intelligence venture that’s why it has acquired Kngine. It’s an AI search engine startup that was acquired in hopes of focusing on artificial intelligence. This follows the acquisition of Fluenty which happened because of the same goal. Samsung also made investments in other groups such as Expect Labs, Vicarious, and Reactor Labs.

An affiliate acquired a full stake in the startup. If you’re not familiar with Kngine, it’s a group that works on mobile solutions mainly based on AI. This includes deep learning so the system reads the web, understands contents, and updates its knowledge based on the information available.

VIA: The Investor


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