Bixby may not be the most popular digital assistant right now but for loyal Samsung users, it can be a pretty useful tool. The latest update, version, brings several minor but important features to make it easier for new users to use Bixby more. For those who already use it, it should make your digital life even easier. Bixby Routines also gets an update, version but it’s more of a fix for the bugs and minor issues that are facing some users.

SAM Mobile shares that the Bixby update brings integration with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone’s Finder. When you’re searching for certain functions like Bluetooth, mobile hotspot, etc, you will also now see a list of Bixby voice commands that you can use relating to that function. This way, you can use the voice command next time you need to activate the function. They are probably hoping that more people will use Bixby if they see that you can do a lot of things with just by giving voice commands.

The updated Bixby now also lets you interact with smart TVs as long as they’re 2020 or later models. You can use Bixby to look for videos and play them on your smart TV as long as your devices are registered under the same account. You can also now share Quick commands with your contacts. Go to the hamburger menu then commands and then tap the three-dot button on the command that you want to share. You can then choose which contact you want to share it with.

You can also now see your conversation history with Bixby, in case you need to remember something from the commands that you previously gave and the replies of your virtual assistant. Go to the hamburger menu when you’re at your Bixby Home, tap the name of the device you want to see and then go to the conversion history. This way you can also delete the interactions that you want to remove.

Meanwhile, the update to Bixby Routines fixes the bug that sometimes disables the blue light filter and the issue that would occasionally fail to launch an app. You can update both Bixby and Bixby Routines from the Galaxy Store if they don’t automatically update themselves.


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