If you’re in a hurry but you also need your caffeine fix, it would be so much easier to get your voice assistant to take care of things. Well if you have a Samsung flagship device and you live in South Korea, then that’s now possible. You can order and pay for your Starbucks coffee through Bixby and then just pick up your order at the store nearest to you. All it takes is for you to say, “Bixby, order coffee from Starbucks” and you’re done.

The voice-enabled ordering and paying may seem like laziness to some, but for those who are in a hurry and don’t have time to line up and place their order in person, every second taken off the process counts. So when you feel like you need your caffeine fix, just tell Bixby to order from Starbucks and then the process will begin. This also includes paying for the coffee, getting more information about the Starbucks near you like parking and drive-thru facilities.

This is the first time that Bixby has supported a mobile ordering and payment system and hopefully it won’t be the last. This also comes weeks after Starbucks in South Korea has started operating cashless stores. Starbucks Korea CEO Lee Suk-Gu says that they’re looking forward to offering more digital innovations like this and in a country where mobile technology is advanced, we can expect more over the next few months.

Bixby is currently available with their higher end models like the Galaxy S8 series, the Galaxy Note 8, and the newly out Galaxy S9 series. This Starbucks collaboration is only available in South Korea and no news if it will be supported in other countries as well.

SOURCE: Samsung