We already know that BitTorrent is pretty popular with the Internet using masses, but as it turns out, it’s proving to be quite popular with Android users as well. There are four different BitTorrent apps available for Android devices – BitTorrent beta and µTorrent beta, along with remote apps for both BitTorrent and µTorrent – and collectively they’ve been downloaded 10 million times. Not bad for a group of apps that only started becoming available just over a year ago.

Of those four, it seems that the remote apps are the most popular, with 4.7 million downloads between them. Little surprise there, considering that those apps let users remotely control their desktop BitTorrent or µTorrent clients, meaning they can keep track of the items they’re downloading to their computer from anywhere. We imagine a lot of BitTorrent users can see the value there, hence the apps’ popularity.

The numbers for the others have the µTorrent app at 3.8 million downloads, which is certainly saying something considering that app has only been available since September. It would seem that users are flocking to the app, as BitTorrent says that 45% of µTorrent’s Android audience use the app a few times a week, while 25% use it each and every day. Expect µTorrent’s popularity on Android to keep growing at a fast pace as time goes on, with it overtaking the remote apps in terms of downloads soon.

Rounding out the group is the BitTorrent app, which has 1.5 million downloads to its name. That means BitTorrent is the least popular app out of the four, but even then, 1.5 million downloads is nothing to stick your nose up at. We imagine the downloads will keep coming for these apps for a while yet, so keep it here at Android Community for more details.

[via Digital Trends]