The latest version of the BitTorrent app has arrived in the Play Store this afternoon. The update, which brings the app to version 2.09 includes a refresh in terms of the design as well as some improvements dealing with both downloading and deleting. The developers behind the app have said they’ve added “some of the top requested features” with this update.

Beginning first with the changes to the downloads. Once updated the app will allow users to select specific files within a torrent, and also allow user to choose the download location before or after the download has begun. In terms of the deleting, users will have the option to delete the torrent, or the torrent and the included files.

Along with the updated mobile app for Android, there was also a BitTorrent related update on the desktop side. Here we are looking towards uTorrent which has graduated to version 3.4. Along with the bump in version number comes BitTorrent Bundle integration. This should mean a bit more attention to the whole Bundle aspect, which is now said to have a roster of more than 8,000 creators.

The uTorrent v3.4 update will be followed by BitTorrent 7.9 with the latter expected to arrive next week. And lastly, looking back to the Android app, that is said to have crossed the 50 million milestone. The v2 BitTorrent Android update can be found in the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: BitTorrent Blog