We’ve been waiting for this new product from BitTorrent and it’s finally here as a new live streaming service for on-demand video and music–BitTorrent Now. We all know that live streaming is a big thing now and since there are a lot of data and media files available from all parts of the world, we always need a venue where we can express our creativities and share them to the world. If you are not an artist, you’re probably looking for another source apart from YouTube where you can watch new stuff.

BitTorrent Now is where people can go to share their creations and have hundreds of thousands of audience for a quick show. Artists and musicians will mainly benefit from this but the audience will equally be treated to great entertainment. This is part of the BitTorrent Bundle that allows artists numerous options and freedom to share what they have.

With BitTorrent now, you are not only sharing your work. You can also earn with the Bundle platform for ad-supported streaming. The program is only available for Android users but will soon be ready for iOS. BitTorrent Now aims to provide data transparency, multiple and efficient business models, plus better revenue shares. The company has partnered with several distributors and studios so expect to see quality videos and shows from emerging artists and creators from different genres.

BitTorrent Now is a platform that is powered by people like you and me. Wherever you are in the world, you can share your work, film, or music to audiences interested in what you do. BitTorrent has already helped a number of artists and musicians including Yung Jake, Kerli, Kyiki, Bosco & Speakerfoxxx, and filmmakers like Adam Bhala Lough. Awesome videos and music are always ready on live streaming at BitTorrent Now.

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