With multiple cloud storage options available today it’s hard to decide what’s right for you. Dropbox is a popular one for obvious reasons, Box is getting better, and Google Drive remains in the hunt. Today however we have a newcomer to the world of Android. Many of you probably use Bitcasa for their “infinite storage” options, and now today they’ve launched their official Android app.

What separates Bitcasa from the rest is their infinite drive where users have unlimited cloud storage, rather than a measly 5GB limit. While their service isn’t free the option to have unlimited cloud storage all for $10 a month is a pretty decent offering. Today they’ve launched official apps for Android and Windows Phone, instead of requiring users to head to their mobile site. They also have announced starting next year you’ll get 10GB free, or unlimited for $10 as usual.

Another important aspect of Bitcasa is everything is encrypted automatically. Then they call it an “infinite drive” because as you add more stuff it just keeps growing, it never fills up. Think of it as an external hard drive with unlimited space, ultimate protection, and all of this is just $10 a month. Anyone interested yet?

Everything is encrypted. Even the Bitcasa team has no way of accessing your data.

— CEO Tony Gauda

You can upload all of your music to the cloud, again the fact being infinite so you’ll never run out of space. Time to back up that FLAC music collection guys. Stream all of your audio from their cloud with ease, unlimited photo backups and more. With Android we can set our smartphone to automatically upload and backup each and every photo/video taken too. A pretty nifty feature that will also save internal space. As usual we can share files using Android’s universal share feature, to anyone, and not just Bitcasa users.

Bitcasa is a pretty new service but appears to be taking off pretty quick. Now that they have a few mobile apps to accompany their service hopefully we hear more soon. Head to Bitcasa today to learn more, or download the app now from the Google Play Store.

[via Tech Crunch]


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