BioLite CampStove

Almost a year ago, we showed you the BioLite BaseLantern that could double as a lamp, smart grid, and a powerbank. Now we’ve got a new version that improves power efficiency by 50% and now comes with an upgraded LED dashboard, integrated battery, and more. Officially called as the CampStove 2, this gear works well with Portable Grill and KettlePot so you can make quick meals while outdoors or camping and at the same time, juicing up your gadgets.

CampStove 2 is listed with a $129.95 USD price tag. It’s affordable enough for a powerbank that will allow you to cook during camps. When you cook, the fire can turn into about 3 watts of electricity you can use in the future. There’s a 2600mAh battery that lets you power other gadget.

With this new CampStove, you can always charge your camera or smartphone. It may seem a bit scary that you have a stove and powerbank in one but that’s the beauty of it as the heat produced by the flame turns into electricity you can use for other devices.

Shipping will start this March 15 for those who placed their pre-orders. It’s in-demand right now so make sure you order for one now online.