Bing has just announced that a new API will bring the knowledge and action graph to apps. Developers can start using the new API to add and show rich data in apps. This will be useful for apps that usually make us ask or search for information like those messaging or music apps where you’d usually need to know what’s what or who is playing in the background. This development is expected to keep people more engaged by showing information they might be looking for right inside the apps they are currently using.

The idea is to bring Bing snapshots to many apps. No need to perform a search outside a particular app because Bing, as allowed by the API, would show a “snapshot” of something, say a restaurant, location, artist, song, or just about any data relevant to the app or what’s on the screen. This isn’t limited to Windows Phone only. Microsoft is also bringing the enhancements to Bing App on Android. Long press on the home button and then Bing will read whatever is on the screen. A snapshot with related information or facts will also be shown.

This is something like the Google Now On Tap feature announced back in May. However, Bing’s version is available for other apps while Google’s is not integrated with other apps, at least, not yet.

If you’re a developer and is interested in adding the Bing knowledge and action graph API, feel free to register on Bing’s Dev Center or emailing Microsoft at