T-Mobile’s Binge On program is currently controversial but we agree with CEO John Legere that there shouldn’t be an issue at all. He pointed that some groups are simply confusing the public. His point was customers are given a new option to get more videos without any cost. Mobile optimization, data throttling, or not–T-Mobile’s Binge On is making a lot of customers happy with all those free videos. Because, of course, who doesn’t want freebies?

To prove that customers are indeed happy with the program, the mobile carrier released a report that says how video viewing behaviors changed. It’s only been more than two months since Binge On officially launched but customers are watching more than twice than before the service was made available. This is expected since video streaming is free. Streaming┬áno longer eats up a subscriber’s current data plan. It means people don’t mind that mobile optimization–videos being shown in downgraded quality.

EEF may be insisting it’s data throttling but looks like nobody really cares. Customers are taking advantage of free streaming even if videos are in lower quality.

More good news: T-Mobile added more services including Fox News, Amazon Video, WWE Network, and Univision NOW. The company just added 14 a couple of weeks ago. We can expect more free streaming options to be added because T-Mobile has been getting strong support from more content providers. With all these channels and services available, we can agree again with what the CEO said that Bing On is the “most disruptive Un-carrier move yet”.

Mobile video watching is free, at least, from T-Mobile. Those streaming services are seeing an increase in viewership because of the Binge On program. Even services not yet listed on Binge On have seen a jump on the number of viewers because customers have about three times more video now from their current data plan. T-Mobile already streamed a total of 34 petabytes (34 million gigabytes) all for FREE.

SOURCE: T-Mobile