While Bing isn’t a household name like Google (you don’t say “let’s Bing it” when you’re looking for something), there are still users out there who would rather use this search engine rather than the obvious. And Microsoft continues to add more features that will hopefully appeal to those looking for an alternative to Google when it comes to getting information off the Internet. The latest update brings new things like Text Transcription, Education Carousel, among other things. The Visual Search, which was added just a few months ago, has also been improved.

Visual Search is now an important part of people’s search lives as it lets you find similar images, where you can buy that object, etc. Now Bing also lets you copy and search the actual text that you see on your camera. For example, you take a pic of the menu in the restaurant, tap the text and search how to pronounce it and what it actually is. You can use it to take pictures of phone numbers, serial numbers, email addresses, navigate to an address, etc. No need to manually type out long text and numbers.

They have also redesigned Visual Search to become faster, particularly the dialog box which you can access after tapping the Bing image tab. Now you can drag and drop an image either from Bing or from your desktop. You can also copy and paste an image into the box to take a picture directly from your computer’s camera. Google users will say, “Yeah we’ve been doing that for years” but at least now Bing users can say that as well.

The Bing Education Carousel now lets students and parents alike learn more from a full suite of math, science, and language tools. They have step-by-step instructions as well as test quizzes to help you retain and remember the information. There is also a special “Sign Language” experience on the carousel where you get to watch 159 videos of words and 13 phrases in American Sign Language (ASL). For NFL fans, there are also now more information for all the football games ever played.

You can update the Bing app from the Google Play Store or if you haven’t tried it out yet, download and start your Bing search journey.



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