If you think the digital world revolves around Google, then you’re probably almost right. But there are still people out there who prefer to use other ways of searching for people, things, images, info, etc that they’re looking for on the Internet. For those people, there’s always the Microsoft Bing Search app, which continues to improve itself and get people to use it as an alternate or even their main search engine. This update brings users an updated search experience, long press to do things quicker, and an easier visual search, among other things.

When you use your mobile device, one of the things you lose is the ability to right-click on things. That’s when the long press move comes in. Now when you’re searching for something, you just need to long press to open new tabs, save images, search, etc. You also now get faster, simpler, and clearer search results, which can help you get the information you need quicker. Maybe if they can almost match the Google search experience, then they will be able to get more users who are disillusioned with the search giant.

The update also now lets you read headlines of the things that matter to you through the Bing Search Widget. This way you don’t have to open the search app if all you want to do is get a feel of the headlines. The widget can also scan barcodes for you without having to open the app. You can now do your visual search directly from the navigation bar of the app as well. Hopefully, you can also do the same on the widget later on.

You get the usual bug fixes and improvements that almost comes with every update. You can check if the update has rolled out to you by visiting the Google Play page.