If you didn’t know it yet, Microsoft actually rewards you for using its own Bing and lure you away from your default search engine. While obviously they have no problems when it comes to Windows-based devices, it becomes a little tricky when it comes to Android, since more likely, users will use Google. But they’re hoping that this latest update to the Bing Rewards app will attract even those who are loyal to Google to try and expand their digital wings.

The update doesn’t bring any fundamental change to its features, except that it now looks prettier and its new attractiveness might even do the trick. Your rewards chart will now look like your fitness tracker, as it will show you how many more searches or challenges you have to do to reach your next reward level. Aside from getting rewards whenever you would search using Bing, it will also present you with daily challenges. like catching up with the news or trying out this new suggested recipe, all powered by Bing of course.



There are also trivia challenges wherein you would need to familiarize yourself with Bing and its features, and this will earn you a few credits as well. This will also let Microsoft “claim” you as a daily user, which can add more credibility to them when looking for advertisers. And they also now suggest which rewards you would probably like, based on your profile and the things you’ve been searching for. Claiming rewards is also easier now, as you just have to touch the gift card, confirm your email, and it will send you the gift electronically.


If you haven’t yet, you can download Bing Rewards from the Google Play Store for free. You don’t even need to have the Bing app installed on your device, but it will instead lead you to the mobile Bing search page.