Bing Rewards has gone mobile. The search-based reward program has come available for Android users, as well as for iOS users. We tend to focus on the Android side here, but in this case it was hard to notice the Windows Phone support is still listed as “coming soon.” Putting the platform availability to the side, Bing Rewards will let Android users search and earn, and also take advantage of offers from their smartphone or tablet.

Details here suggest the basics are being included for mobile users from the launch, however greater functionality will be arriving in the future. Specifically, there was mention of how Bing will be “extending nearly all of the Bing Rewards features our [their] members love on the PC to these mobile experiences.” The timeline is a general sounding “over the next several months.”

The basics for Bing Rewards is simple — earn credits for searching. Those credits can then be redeemed for the rewards. Some of the reward partners include Amazon, Xbox, Skype, and Fandango. Bing touts the rewards program as being one that lets them “recognize and appreciate” the “most consistent, loyal users.”

All that having been said, those looking to get going with Bing Rewards on a mobile device will need to make sure they are logged in using their Microsoft or Facebook account. From that point you will be greeted with a mobile optimized Bing Rewards dashboard. And for now, there will also be a “new exclusive mobile-only search offer” that gives extra rewards for searching on a mobile device. Otherwise, you can check your Bing Rewards level by visiting the dashboard or at the bottom of a Bing search results page.