While Google is already most people’s default search engine both on the desktop and on mobile, it still doesn’t hurt to have other search options of course. Bing is still up there trying to compete with the giants, and Microsoft’s mobile search app has now received an update and it will mostly benefit those looking for great travel deals as well as those who are paranoid about accidentally going to malicious websites. The app’s guarantee is that it will bring you “to the best results and the apps that you trust, super fast.”

Those looking for new places to go to, whether locally or internationally, usually rely on travel apps or websites and blogs to get the best deals. With the update to the Bing app, it will not just suggest to you where to go next but also when is the best time to go there and even what to do if you do decide to travel there (where to eat, what to see, where to party, etc). If you don’t have a travel-related app yet, Bing is volunteering to be your travel guide.

Another improvement to the app that comes with this latest update is that it can give you better warnings about malicious websites that you may accidentally click on. “Browse more securely than ever” is their promise, although of course it’s up to you if you trust statements like this from app developers. The update also brings a homepage gallery filter where you can filter and find your favorite homepage images, if that’s your thing.

You also get the usual bug fixes and improvements that most apps get from an update. You can update your Bing app from its Google Play page.