We don’t know how many of you use Bing but we know some people who prefer it over Google. For whatever reason, the Bing App is preferred perhaps because of the kind of search results it shows. It won’t be one of the top iPhone apps of 2016 for no reason. We’re not sure though if it ever has a place in the Android community but Microsoft has plans to make the app perform even better.

The app has received a number of updates already and now, it’s expected to offer enhanced search experience and more relevant information. One of the biggest improvements the developers added is the fact that it finally supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). When it comes to “AMP-lifications”, we’re more familiar with Google’s efforts but now at least we know Microsoft is also doing its part to make browsing, searching, and reading faster and more efficient.

AMP is open source but tech companies are slowly adopting the system. AMP files allow faster browsing for everyone who will open the AMP-ed website. The goal is to optimize pages so mobile browsing is more efficient than ever. No need to wait for pages to load because they can open instantly.

Bing app can now detect if there are AMP pages. These then are noticed, flagged, and downloaded as quickly as possible so users can have fast access anytime. Note that Bing only caches the pages. Search and algorithms are not affected. Just because a website has AMP-ed pages, it doesn’t mean it will come up on the top results. They will only see the AMP icon to know that a page can load faster.



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