It’s great that Android doesn’t tie you down to a specific app for different types of files, but sometimes the default “Complete Action With” behavior is annoying, if not limited. For those who want a bit more control over this part of the Android OS, Better Open With gives you better options, including the option not to do anything at all.

The Android platform is already powerful and flexible enough that it will present you with a list of compatible apps when opening a certain file type and even lets you set the default app for that action. However, there might be cases when you want to use a different app from time to time but having to choose an app every time can also be equally cumbersome. There are also times when you click on a link or file and don’t realize that the Complete Action With window popped up. It is exactly for those situations that Better Open With was made.

When you select Better Open With as the default app for opening files, you do still get the Complete Action With window, except now you have a few more features available. For one, there is a configurable timeout that will automatically select your preferred app when you don’t do anything after, say, 5 seconds. You can also set your favorite app for each file type right from Better Open With, so you won’t have to wait for the system to ask you about it when the time comes. This gives you more flexibility when opening files but at the same time lets you be lazy and it will still take action even if you don’t.

Better Open With also has other customizations options, like choosing between light and dark color schemes to match your theme or choosing between a list or a grid view when displaying available apps. The app is completely free, comes with no adds, but is still in beta. The developer already has a todo list of upcoming features, including basic ones like sorting apps, hiding apps, or even just more supported filetypes.

Download: Better Open With on Google Play Store