All around the United States Best Buy has about 1400 store locations. Samsung has teamed up with Best Buy to bring its very own branded stores to the inside of all 1400 Best Buy locations around the country. It’s unclear exactly when Samsung-branded stores will debut inside a Best Buy locations, but this supposed to happen sometime this month.

Not all of the Best Buy locations around the country will get the Experience Shoppes at the same time. The staged rollout will see about 900 Experience Shops up and running in select high-traffic Best Buy locations by the beginning of May. The remainder of the locations around the country will get the Experience Shops by early summer.

The Samsung Experience Shops won’t be the only branded stores inside of a Best Buy retail locations. Many Best Buy locations also have their own little Apple stores inside that look like Apple’s retail locations and have people specially trained on Apple devices. The Samsung Experience Shops will offer a place for customers to look at Samsung branded tablets, smartphones, and laptops along with other items.

The displays will allow the users to handle and play with the gadgets and Best Buy employees within the Samsung Experience Shops are expected to receive specialized training on the products. The size of each of the Experience Shops will vary depending on the size the Best Buy location. The biggest Experience Shop is said to be about 460 square feet.

[via SlashGear]


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